Thai Massage

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Traditional Thai Massage, also referred to as Thai yoga massage, or Nuad Boran is an ancient therapy dating back more than 2500 years ago to Shivago, a friend and physician to the Buddha.

While there are several variations of Traditional Thai massage, the Northern Style is the most commonly agreed upon form and refers to the sequence established at the Northern Medicine Hospital in Chiang Mai.

Thai massage increases flexibility and relieves tension. Also known as "lazy man's yoga", the Thai massage therapist skillfully takes the client through assisted yoga stretches, which are difficult to attain through individual practice or alternate exercise.

Muscle compression, joint mobilization, reflexology and acupressure techniques are also used during treatment.  Altogether these therapeutic techniques help clear stagnant (Sen sip) energy lines in the body that cause trigger points, knots, muscle tension and discomfort, leaving the client feeling rejuvenated.

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Thai massage and acupressure techniques helps to restore balance and create homeostasis for overall health and well being. It has been compared to a martial art or dance between client and therapist. For many, Thai massage is a spiritual discipline in which to practice mindfulness and achieve a sense of feeling centered or grounded.