Equine Bodywork - Masterson Method Certified

Live Better Equine Therapy infuses Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) meridian line therapy, gentle acupressure, stretching and massage techniques in order to release tension and relieve pain in the horses muscles, joints and connective tissues.

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Using a very light touch along acupoints and meridian lines, Laurie listens and watches for key responses from the horse that allows him to become unguarded from his natural herding instinct and relax into the treatment. Joint mobility and range of motion techniques are applied to increase flexibility while releasing restrictions.

Laurie has treated horses with conditions of arthritis, lameness issues, narcolepsy, as well as back pain due to poor saddle fit or improper rider body mechanics. Laurie is Masterson Method™ certified and has completed Phase I of the Masterson Method™ Integrated Equine Performance Bodywork™.

To schedule Laurie to come out to your farm, call 414-469-9960.

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